Fitness Center Rules & Regulations

LCRC Fitness Center Rules & Regulations

  1. You must be 16 years old and over to be in the weight area.
  2. You must carry in a second pair of shoes to wear while using the weight/fitness equipment.
  3. All weights should be replaced on appropriate racks.
  4. No weights of any kind should be taken out of the weight area. 
  5. Make sure to wipe down machines after each use.
  6. Participants or patrons are not allowed to bang weights.
  7. A qualified spotter is required when using free weights above the head.
  8. There is to be no spandex/biker shorts worn unless a pair of shorts is covering them.
  9. There are to be no tank tops of any kind in the weight room.  Tank tops are not allowed in the weight room, and all shirts with cut off sleeves must be appropriate (i.e . . . does not show side or stomach).  All shorts must be at least fingertip length.
  10. Absolutely no food or drink allowed in the weight area, with the exception of water in a closed container.